The piano lessons you've always wanted

Is this you?...

You took lessons when you were a kid. You played only classical music. You lost interest about the time you started listening to rock (or folk, or jazz). You stare wistfully at the piano now, wishing you had learned to play the music you most enjoy. You envy people who play by ear.

Well, it's not too late. You can learn jazz, blues, rock, and pop music as well as classical. Study improvisational theory and technique as well as written music. Don't settle for half-way piano instruction. Explore the full measure of your desires and abilities.

All levels and ages welcome. Special attention given to advanced classical players who want to "cross over."

Sam's studio is in Oakland, California (near Emeryville). For more information, call him at 510.654.3808 or email References from past and current students are provided upon request.

“Want to study and really learn to play jazz? Sam's perfect. Sam has a very appropriate program for building skill and knowledge. You'll play real music, not finger exercises. From explicit chords, to explicit rhythms, explicit basslines, into freer charts and improv, Sam steadily leads you into richer music.
His style is relaxed and without pressure or guilt. He respects that adults have many competing responsibilities, and although he's an accomplished and professional musician, he appreciates and rewards progress with praise.
I began with Sam knowing how to read music, but he taught me to understand it. For the most part, I can now play whatever I choose.” —Jeff Kowalski

“Sam Rudin is a wonderful, energetic piano teacher who will inspire your kids to play all types of music. He comes to our house because we have 2 students. …He teaches pieces from books and theory, and also creates arrangements of Broadway show tunes and pop songs that are appropriate for my daughter's and my levels.” —Suzanne Luban

“I feel that Sam is one of the best teachers around. … His teaching method is organic and personalized. I loved that he would bring in music theory only as it came up naturally, rather than in an academic way. It makes learning music more experiential and relevant.” —Hae Yuon Kim

“I enthusiastically recommend Sam Rudin…For about six months now I have been learning jazz and blue piano from Sam, while he also is teaching my two children classical piano. Sam can teach you not only how to play the music, but also how to perform music. He knows the history of music, particularly jazz and blues, and is easy-going and adaptable to different abilities and personalities.” —Richard Gentry